A Truck, a Duck, and Short Term Car Insurance, Oh My!

My brother Shane’s antique truck had mostly just sat in the shop for years. He took it out now and then to show it off to his friends, but he did not have an insurance policy on it. When he met a new lady, however, he decided to take her to meet our parents two-hundred miles away, and he knew that she would think less of him should an accident occur and the fact that his truck had no coverage surface. Therefore, he got short term car insurance to cover his truck for the few days it would take to make the journey, get her well-acquainted with the folks, and travel home.

Shane knew that, along the way, they would have to watch out for many ignorant creatures crossing the road at inopportune times. He braked well in advance for all animals. His lady, Claire, was quite the animal lover, and he desperately wanted her to think highly of him. As they drove past a quaint cottage on their right with a gazebo, a boat, and several ponds out front, Claire gasped and exclaimed, “Oh! That is just perfect! I love being near water, and that gazebo is just too cute! Look at the color of that cottage! It’s got such a pretty wood design! Would you ever want to live someplace like that, Shane?”

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He wanted to study the place in order to make intelligent comments on it, but he knew that he should keep his eyes on the road. Even though he had purchased short term car insurance as a precautionary measure, he did not want to actually have to use it on his antique baby. However, he wanted to please Claire more than anything, so he turned to look at the property.

“Oh, yes, I see that they used cedar panels. That is a very wise choice. And look how they planned the landscaping to prevent flooding. This is definitely a...”

“Shane, look out!” pleaded Claire, her face suddenly pale with fear.

As he whipped his head around to face the road, he saw a rather large duck resting on the asphalt. As it raised its wings and quacked in protest to the giant, loud monster about to steamroll it, Shane did the only thing he thought appropriate with Claire in the car; he swerved to miss it. The duck escaped unharmed, but the mailbox belonging to the people in the cottage did not.

Shane felt very grateful to short term car insurance coverage as he surveyed the damage to the front fender of his treasure. He apologized to the owners of the mailbox, who were very gracious and gave them a tour of the place. The man said to Shane, “Now, I know you probably didn’t have year-round coverage on that truck, since it’s an antique, but did you have short term car insurance?”

“Yes, sir, I did,” Shane stated proudly, as Claire looked on warmly and smiled approvingly.


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